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What makes us Golden?

 Golden Plum Wellness and Events LLC, our mission is creating meaningful events that are both heart-centric and community-centric. Our events are designed to bring people together and foster connection while promoting mental, emotional and physical wellness. We are dedicated to creating experiences that are unique, timeless and memorable.

Founded in 2023, we have extensive experience in event management and planning. Our team is committed to the highest level of execution and professionalism, ensuring that our events are done right. At Golden Plum Wellness and Events LLC, we cater to your unique needs when it comes to events. We specialize in curating special occasions and providing an unforgettable experience. We are passionate about what we do and make sure that no detail is overlooked. Our name was inspired by the golden plums derived from Liberia, which were a staple in my home growing up. We strive to provide an experience that is just as sweet and accessible as this fruit. We invite you to join us and create something special.

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Our Story

Ju Meyarzum

Founder and Head Creative Director

At Golden Plum Wellness and Events LLC, we create curated events and experiences that bring people together. We believe that through meaningful, authentic and intentional interactions, we can use our collective power to create positive change in our communities.

As a Charlotte, NC native and 1st- Gen Liberian American, I have a unique perspective that allows me to bring my own life experiences into the events we plan. With an extensive background in non-profit and education programming, I'm passionate about creating meaningful and impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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